When starting Coco, most winemakers that would be recommended to me were male winemakers. I knew something needed to change.

The world of wine has long been a male-dominated realm, where women were kept at arm's length. We could even read "No women allowed" signs on the cellar's doors. And even when women were actively taking part of the winemaking, they wouldn't be mentioned on the label.

But one can't ignore that vigneronnes have been making incredible wines for decades already. Guess who's behind Veuve Cliquot? 🍾

You may wonder "How's that relevant to natural wine?".

For me, the Natural wine movement is a great opportunity to fix everything that's wrong with the wine world. It's about doing things better and fairer from the vineyards to the distribution.

That's why Cocorico imports the wines from Cosima, Valérie, Aurélie and Laura 👩‍🌾

To celebrate IWD, we invite you to discover or rediscover their products. Far away from the easy/fruity/sweet stereotypes, they stand out from the rest with uniques flavours, textures and emotions.

Enjoy 🍷

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