Why do you import French wine only?

Don’t get me wrong, I love old Chenins from South Africa, Sivi Pinot from Slovenia, Riesling from Mosel Valley or Pinot Noir from Japan. Oh yes I do, but let’s be honest. Other people do it better than me because they are from there. I focus on French wines because that’s what I know best. I go there to visit my family, my friends many times a year. I eat, drink, sleep France and have friends on the ground who tell me what to taste. I have a clear advantage and I would be stupid to not use it. 

Is your wine available in shops and restaurants?

Yes and yes, You can find our wines at De Tros - Pico Caffe - Watergang - Elkaar - Lotti's/Hoxton Hotel - A Beautiful Mess - Chez Nina - Restaurant de Kas - Bar Centraal - Restaurant Entrepot - Gertrude - Bistro Suzette - Hotel de Goudfazant - Vanderveen - Restaurant Ja - Bar Cult Rotterdam - Café/Restaurant VERLAN - Café de Parel - Europizza - Raisin Rotterdam - VRR - La Dilettante Amsterdam - FC Hyena - Café Modern - Foer - Chenin Chenin - Sushi Fanatics / Shigure - Craft Wine - Willicroft - De Potagie - Bureau Wijn East/West - Café Bleu - Klein Breda - Auberge Jean et Marie - The Green Rose Arnhem - Five Ways Coffee - Sissi's Expo Resto

My bottle smells weird, is it normal Doctor?

My wines have been carefully selected to not have the down sides of natural wines. Yet it can happen even to the best and here’s what you can do.

Case number 1: If it smells like, goat cheese, cow manure, burnt matches, rotten eggs, garlic, this is called “Reduction” and this means that the wine needs to breathe. It rarely affects the palate. Leave the wine be for 10/20 minutes or decant it. If the smell remains, put the cork back, call me, I’ll do an exchange.

Case number 2: If it smells or tastes like wet cardboard, wet dog… hum, the wine is corked and there’s no fix to that. Put the cork back and call me for a free exchange.

Any advice to keep my wine at home?

No matter the bottle, it should always be laying on the side, never standing, to always keep the cork in contact with the wine. It should be placed in a dark place away from vibrations, direct sunlight and a source of heat. No need to be crazy about the temperature as long as the temperature of the place increases or decreases progressively to avoid temperature chock. Even my most affordable wine can be easily kept 2 years.

How does the delivery work?

For Amsterdam, I deliver myself on the same day or with an appointment. For NL and international, we work with PostNL (flespakket) who provide a reliable door-to-door delivery. For NL, the average delivery is 1 to 2 working days, Belgium 2 days, France and Germany 2 to 3 days. Since we sell alcohol, you’ll undergo a quick age check during the delivery in NL. We also deliver to Denmark, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Austria, Polan, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Singapour, Sweden and South Korea. For shipping costs, please check our shipping policy.