Vincent Lafage - Domaine Les Salicaires

Remember that name because Vincent is a rising star in the Languedoc-Roussillon. Light, delicate, joyful and totally natural, his wines are at the antipodes of the region’s standards which tend to be heavy, high in alcohol and seriously soporific.

The secret of his style lies in his genuine way to share emotions through his wines. Besides the very technical part of winemaking, Vincent doesn’t overthink his wines. Just like him, they are spontaneous, honest, full of youth and are meant to spark a smile, a laugh, a connection as opposed to fully fleshed tasting notes.

Of course, his land plays a key role as well. Vincent’s estate is fairly big but among the 20 hectares of the family land, he pampers 2 small hectares according to organic and biodynamic principles, including the use of essential oil of sweet orange and herbal tea.

Nested between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrénées, Les Salicaires benefits from a clement weather, a fairly high altitude for the area and of well drained soils that allow him to practise dry farming. Indeed, Vincent’s plots are on a high Quaternary terrace, with rolled pebbles on the surface resting on a clay-limestone base.

No wonder why Vincent’s wines seduce enthusiasts and connoisseurs in Tokyo and Copenhagen.

Creative to the fullest, Vincent has teamed up with long time friends Hello Collective from BXL to design his beautiful labels.

Vincent's Wines

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