What if instead of making cheap wine even cheaper, Kegs could make great wine more democratic ?

High value. Low waste. Best shelf life and top shelf quality.
We designed the Cocorico Orange Keg so professionals don't have to choose between quality and price 👏

The Wine 🍊

Our Orange wine is a crowdpleaser. Fruity, approachable, clean and with light tannins, it's made for the orange wine lovers and the first timers.

50% Sylvaner / 50% Gewurztraminer. 100% Alsace.
60% of the grapes macerated together. The other 40% are whole bunches of Gewurztraminer.
15 days skin contact in concrete and stainless steel tanks.
Méthode Nature (total 15mg/L SO2)
Manually harvested. No intrants. Organic certified. Biodynamic principles (Demeter doesn’t label kegs)

In short, it's the good stuff 👌.

Cocorico's quality but in a keg ✨

  • Our keg contains 20L, which is about 27 bottles.

  • It saves on packaging. No box, no cork, no label. Just wine. Comparing to a bottle, you save up to 30%.

  • It saves on space and staff's time. Kegs are stackable and are much lighter than 27 bottles to carry around.

  • No waste. The wine shelf life is practically infinite as there is no contact with oxygen. No need to throw the wine in the sink before closing for the weekend.

  • Possibilities of 25/50 cl pitcher. That's pretty gezellig isn't it?

The Winemakers 🧑‍🌾

Wine kegs often lack of transparency. You don't really know where it's from, how it is made and who even make it 😂.
From the vineyards to the cellar, Hélène and Antoine control the entire production chain which guarantee consistent quality. The estate is family sized, 8 hectares. They supply bistrots as well as Michelin Star restaurants. They are based in Zellenberg, about 10 minutes south from Ribeauvillé. As of now, we are doing Orange Wine but we'll be able to offer Crémant and Chardonnay in a near future.

  • Restaurant De Kas

    Green Michelin Star. All about quality and sustainability. Just like our keg.

  • La Dilettante Amsterdam

    One of AMS's most popular bar, La DIlettante strives for offering good quality and good value wines.

  • Eetcafé Edita

    A Dutch eetcafé with a Mediterranean twist offering quality products all across the board.

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Frequently asked Questions

How does the keg work ?

We work with the Dutch company called KeyKeg. The KeyKegs are made from recycled materials and are 86% recyclable as a waste product. They are sturdy, easy to carry around and easy to stack.
They are easy to connect to existing tap systems just like beer or cider kegs.

How are Cocorico kegs different from the competition ?

We believe that kegs will play a key role in the future of HORECA. Instead of treating kegs as a way to sell ok wine for a very cheap price (which isn't bad tbh), we treat it as a way to make fantastic wines affordable for all.
Concretely, we take a wine that is usually 15/16€ excl VAT and we make it 9.90€. It's a win-win-win situation.

What happen to the kegs once they are empty ?

That's a good one. For now, you can compress the keg and throw it in the plastic waste bin. But KeyKeg is setting up a plan to be able to collect them by the end of 2024 in order to reintroduce them in the chain.

Can Cocorico supply very large quantity of kegs ?

yes we do, and to be honest, that is the only way to go. We understand that it is a long term investment for bars and restaurants and we made sure to be as reliable and consistent in our supply.

Why Orange Wine ?

We start with orange wine for a reason as we believe that we solve orange wine's biggest challenge. It is one of the most popular picks but it is also one of the most expensive one. We heard of this challenge from our customers and we took action.

How about Sparkling, Rosé, White wines in keg ?

That's the goal. Our next addition will be Chardonnay from Alsace. In the future we hope to be able to offer a wide range of high quality keg for every type of place.