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La Grapp'A

Père Guy Rouge 2022

Père Guy Rouge 2022

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This wine is called after the local legend who planted these vines in 1947, Père Guy. It is the top red cuvée of the estate. 1 bottle per person max 🤤

If you are a Jura lover as I am, I’m sure you had your fair share of Jura wines but this is different and you’ll notice it from the very first sip.
While their wines have that depth, that slight wilderness and that vivacious acidity that Jura’s wines have, Aurélie & Julien’s wines are delivering a very gentle, pure and polished range.

Region: VDF Jura
Grape: Trousseau, Pinot Noir, Ploussard
Alcohol: 13%
Total SO2: Traces
Service: 12/

Tech facts:
Planted in 1947 - Exposition North-East - Altitude 320m
Soils Red trias marl on a plateau of dolomites. Manual harvest.
Natural vinification, destemmed. Aged in 400 liter oak barrels. Unfiltered. Organic certified. Demeter certified.

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