Cocorico is an Amsterdam-based wine company that sources, imports and distributes natural and small batch gems from France.

Hi there! I’m Gilles and I'm on a mission to reconcile conventional and natural wine lovers once and for all. Let me explain 🤓

As we speak, "Natural wines" divides the world in two categories. On one side, there are yours friends who absolutely love natural wines and on the other, your friends who are fed up with the funky smells and have nausea just thinking about it. As a result, you have to decide who you drink wine with and this, should anyone ever ask you, is heartbreaking 😭

To never have to pick a side again, I decided to create my own wine company. With Cocorico Wine, I select wines which have the best of both sides. Not only they are structured, elegant, clean, pure, they also brings their load of "Humph" or of “je ne sais quoi” that natural wines have. 🇫🇷

The idea of importing and selling natural wine has been in my head for a while but came as an evidence on a sunny summer day of 2021 in Roussillon. Freshly minted WSET 3 graduate and taster of 1600 wines in a year, I came across two highly talented winemakers who poured wine as clean as it was surprising.

Unfortunately, once back in Amsterdam, I couldn’t find them anywhere. Forced to pay expensive shipping costs 🥺 or even to smuggle 40 bottles of wine in the Thalys 🤠, I told myself “Oh et puis merde à la fin, ça pète les couilles”. That’s French poésie for “Let's do it”. Cocorico was born 🤟

I will always focus on France and France only 🇫🇷 That is how I can guarantee you rare, delicious and good value wines... and see my family 🤗

I proudly supply the following restaurants, bars and shops:
De Tros - Trees - 4850 - Watergang - Oocker Amsterdam - Kafé Kontrast - KEF - Night Kitchen - Elkaar - Bar Babar - Lotti's/Hoxton Hotel - Night Kitchen Amsterdam - Chez Nina - Restaurant de Kas ☆ - Eetcafé Edita - Café Modern - Bar Centraal - Gertrude - Bistro Suzette -Daalder☆ - Catuabar - Hotel de Goudfazant - Café/Restaurant VERLAN - Café de Parel - Europizza - Attenoje - VRR - La Dilettante Amsterdam - FC Hyena - Foer - Chenin Chenin - Sushi Fanatics / Shigure / Ikkoku- Bureau Wijn East/West - Café Bleu - Five Ways Coffee

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