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Château des Vergers

Beaujolais 100% Macération Carbonique 2023


Beaujolais 100% Macération Carbonique 2023

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 With this 100% Carbonique, Cosima unapologetically embraces the “Macération Carbonique” no matter what the Bojo Nouveau’s detractors have to say 😘

The wine’s dress is sexy as hell. The nose is cut from  the same cloth and comes with Tagada Haribo, rhubarb, raspberry and that "post downpour in summer" kind of smell. The texture and flavours are so clean and pure that it feels like you’re drinking Evian with fresh fruits 🗻 🍒

This wine wasn’t meant to be a Unicorn, more of an experiment, but the outcome is the same. It’s rare AF 💍

Region: Beaujolais-Lantignié
Grape: 100% Gamay
Alcohol: 11.5%
Total SO2: 8 mg/L
For: ⛱☀️

Tech facts: 

Vinification: Spontaneous fermentation, 4 days of carbonic maceration with whole bunches. Whole bunches are handpicked in small crates, strict selection in the vineyard, followed by a very gentle and slow pressing using the château’s centuries-old vertical press. The wine spends 4 months in concrete vats.

Terroir: The parcel is at 350m altitude with pierres bleues (blueschist) soils. 8 years old vines. 30 Hl/Ha yield.

Cosima began the conversion of all 6ha of family vineyards to organic farming in 2019, utilising agroforestry and cover crops to create an integrated landscape that brings nature into the vineyards. She utilizes 15 different cover crops, rotating and adapting each to suit the needs of the parcel, which creates natural biodiversity and a true polyculture with healthy, living soil, which also counteracts erosion.

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