Jérémy Lajoux - Domaine de la Canopée

Jérémy is one the youngest winemakers of the AOC Vouvray and yet, his wines demonstrate an outstanding sense of control and harmony. I am not the only one who says so. His cuvée Clairière, currently available on our webshop, has been elected Ambassador Wine of the Year by the juries of the Appellation. It's a big deal for Jérémy if you ask me because his cuvées are contrasting with what the wines of Vouvray used to be. His style leans more towards freshness and minerality while keeping the generous characteristics of Chenin Blanc that we all love.

Now that you know that, you might think that Jérémy's family makes wine since 1850 and that he proudly took over the estate from his parents. NOP.

In fact, when other kids were dreaming to become fireman or geography teacher (that was me lol), Jérémy wanted to be a farmer. So at the age of 16 he got his first winemaking experience with no one else than Vincent Carême. Working under the supervision of such a strong advocate for organic farming has shaped his definition of agriculture for good.

Few graduations and a 9 year long experience as a cellar master's assistant later, Jérémy set out to run his own business and as a true Chenin lover, Vouvray came as an evidence. Choosing quality over quantity (and quick profitability), he started small in 2020 with 5 hectares located on the communes of Vernou s/ Brenne et Chancay which are reknowned for producing refined and fresh wines.

As Jerémy started in 2020 and that it takes 3 years to officially convert a land to organic farming, the Domaine de la Canopée is not organic yet. However, he is low interventionist at heart and follows natural winemaking principles to the letter. Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts, manual harvests. He only allows himself to use a gram of sulfite at bottling to not jeopardize the future of the freshly-created estate.

You can follow Jérémy's journey on Instagram :)

Jérémy's Wines

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