David Dubournais - Mas Castello

We are often told that natural wine can't age, that they are glouglous meant to be drunk young. NOP, that's all crap. Crap crap crap. Natural wine can age beautifully and if you're not convinced, then the wines from David Dubournais will rock your world 🤘

Former student of the prestigious wine school of La Tour Blanche, 1er Grand Crus Sauternes since 1855, and Master of Cellar for 10 years in the Graves (Bordeaux), David is a strong advocate for well-aged wines. In a world where wines are bottled and sold right away, each one of his cuvées is a key to a whole new world of rich and fully-developed flavours that only old money can buy.

So, of course David produces red, white and rosé that are ready to drink in their youth, but it is when he opened his Muscat d’Alexandrie aged 3 years in the bottle 🍊 that my curiosity was aroused and this was just the beginning 🔥. Then his Folie Rouge 2011 came next and blew my mind 💥. His Folie Douce 2007, literally a Kinder Bueno in a glass, sealed the deal 🕺

One last note. You won't find his Orange wine anywhere else, not even in France. I bought it all 🥰.

David's Wines

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