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Maison Troupeau

Maison Troupeau 4 Pépins 2022

Maison Troupeau 4 Pépins 2022

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Halfway between a wine, a cider, and a fruit juice, this fresh and vitamin-rich elixir is the quintessence of Simon and his buddies' spirit of sharing.

The apples come from Lake Constance 🇩🇪, where Simon's girlfriend lives. The pears come from Quentin's garden, the neighbour. The quinces come from Simon's field, and the grapes come from Gard and are cultivated by Lori Haon from the Petit Oratoire estate.
It's a true buddy's wine meant to be shared among buddies!

Northern Rhône
Grape: Viognier, Apples, Quince, Pears.
Alcohol: 6.80%
Total SO2: 15 mg/L
Service: 8/10°C

For: 🧀☀️⛱🍤🦪

Tech facts: 
Manual harvest. Spontaneous fermentation. 1gr SO2 added at bottling. No herbicides, no mineral fertilisation, no pesticides. The grapes are coming from the Domaine du Petit Oratoire (Lori Haon) in the Gard. Apples, quinces, pears and grapes were vinified as whole bunches in concrete tank. Bottled without fining and filtration.

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