Serge 'Postman' Scherrer - Domaine Agarrus

I love Serge’s wines and yet, I ran into them totally by accident, in Brittany, where cider is king. I was looking for a cheap natural wine bottle to drink with my uncle and aunt who know nothing about wine. Not willing to give caviar to pigs (French idiom), I chose the caviste's recommendation, “La Cigogne et le…”

I swear, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was so pristine, so precise, so complex, with a marriage of spices, citrus and stone fruits coming with an indulging feeling that was felt by each of my tastebuds. It was all driven by an unprecedented saltiness for such an affordable wine from such an underrated region.
I immediately set off to Uzès, not so far away from where I grew up, to meet the man behind this wine, Serge Scherrer.

Serge grew up with two dreams in mind. To become an artist or to become a winemaker. Back in 1982 as Serge is about to enter the Beaux Arts, his dad dies suddenly. Living with his 2 little sisters and his mum, Serge has no other choice but to drop school to financially take care of them. He finds a job at the French Post, La Poste, and trades his white canvas for a yellow and blue jacket.

Going from doors to doors in a region where the postman is often considered family, Serge falls in love with the social aspect of delivering mail everyday but Sunday. One day, while he is biking through the vines, he sees a small parcel of 1.5 hectare for sale. A unique terroir, one of the few to have such a high concentration of silicium and quartz. It’s an occasion of a lifetime. Serge buys it and starts small. Delivering mail during the day, working in the vines in his spare time. It’s hard work but it’s worth it. Slowly but surely, his wines get noticed. After 35 years of duty at La Poste, Serge makes the leap to fully put his time and energy into Agarrus.

Despite the high quality of his wines, Serge wants to keep it affordable for the locals. Serge handpicks the people he works with and we are extremely proud to be one of his partners.

Serge's Wines

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