Looking for the most creative and interactive wine tasting in Amsterdam? 🎢🍷

Hey I'm Gilles, your host for today !

As a wine importer, certified professional and true winelover, I believe that wine can bring people together over a fun, interesting and yet unpretentious experience. With me, no tasting wheels or fancy words. Together we'll get to talk about wine like we talk about art, music and cinema 🕺

My wine tastings are fun and immersive.

Based on my professional experience, I design real-life inspired and immersive multiplayer games that are bursting with creativity, excitement and team working. If you like to play board games with friends or look for a fresh idea for your Thursday Drinks at the office, my wine tastings is what you need 🕺

Let's get the game started 💸💸💸

Picture this! You and your partners are now running a wine import business in Amsterdam. Over 5 rounds, I'll make you taste two wines blindly and you will have to decide which one of them is going to make it to the market. Taste, debate and invest your money where your tastebuds are 🤑

This is the scenario of Wine Importer Simulator, one of the many games I design to get people learning a lot about wine while having a proper blast .

  • Drink la crème de la crème of natural Wines.

    All my wines are produced by independent French winemakers who work sustainably. They are not funky and will please every wine lovers ❤️

  • Ideal for everyone, everywhere.

    My wine tasting is sizeable and can host from 8 up to 40 guests. It can take place at your home, your workplace or at one of our locations. It's À la Carte 👌

  • Wine + Borrels = 🤤

    And if you are looking for a full culinary experience, we work with catering companies and French Chefs to provide the food that will match your glass of wine 🍷

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Gilles led our group through a fantastic, original wine tasting experience. He made the tasting approachable and engaging for everyone and we came away with new techniques to experience and enjoy wine!
Scott, Host

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Let's make it happen !