Thomas Rivier - Bojotomix

“Thomas might not be the King of Regnié yet, but he’s just a step away from the throne.”

Those are not my words. I am just copy/pasting the review from the Glou Guide #5, a benchmark for amazing natural wines from France and beyond 🍷

Underneath his airs of Gyro Gearloose or Jamy (for the Frenchies) Thomas embodies the future of Beaujolais in what is the youngest, freshest Beaujolais' Cru. Régnié.
Never heard of it? It is most likely because Regnié's neighbours are two of the most, if not the most, famous Crus. Morgon and Brouilly. And also maybe because the Cru is 30-ish years old which is pretty much a 👶

Located at the foot of the magnificent double spired churches of the town Regnié-Durette, Thomas vines are at the epicenter of the appelation.

With his old vines rooted in moderate slopes, exposed east and composed of fresh granitic soils, Thomas produces wines that share a lot of characteristics with Morgon. I am talking about that ability to offer complex yet light, joyful and anti snob wines that everybody absolutely love.
However, Thomas' wines have something more, like a secret alchemy that really makes his wines unique to me 💫

Maybe his secret lies in his unconditional love for the artist Mobius and his vision that translates into a wine that acknowledges the best of the past while looking into the future 🚀
Or maybe it simply lies in Thomas' ability to bring people together for the harvest and to turn that joie de vivre ensemble into a wine 😊 He's the one who put me in touch with Cosima ✌️

No matter what it is, I bet that it's not the last time you hear about Bojotomix 🫶

Thomas' Wines