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Les Clos Perdus

Project 108 Rouge 2021

Project 108 Rouge 2021

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Very rare. IYKYK. "Natural wine is about playing with perceptions and boundaries" Paul said to me during my visit in his house of Peyriac de Mer. Project 108 is his way to challenge what's supposedly right or wrong in Natural wine and ultimately let his audience say the last word.

Besides being good material for a philosophical debate, Project 108 is a fantastic wine. At first, the wine might seem to you a bit like an orchestra playing out of tune until you realise that the flavours are jamming 🎺🎻🥁

Region: Corbières Maritime
Grape: 100% Carignan (planted in 1920)
Alcohol: 13%
Total SO2: 3 mg/L
Service: 12/
For: 🍔🥩🫑🍖🍕🌮

Tech facts: 

Yield: 18 hl/ha
Vinifcation: Destemmed and fermented in 500L and 600L old Barrels.
Micro oxygenation during early ferment. Aged in eight 5th wine barrique. No fining or filtration.

Terroir: Heavy clay and limestone above the village of Peyriac de Mer, 120m altitude.

Viticulture: Organically and biodynamically Farmed.

Vintage 2019: A very dry winter was followed by some rain in early spring. Although there was a fair flowering, hydric stress dominated the months of June and July and August. Heavy mid-September rain delayed vintage without causing any disease issues. Early picked fruit entered the cave, high in acids with some greenery. The later picked , post rain fruit, had riper phenolics and was lower in acids
Hand harvested on the 21.09.18. Small cases with selection.

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